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    A very unique Jensen

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    Customer Mr Wade talks to us about his anniversary edition Jensen, a true one-off

    Mr Wade's Jensen FF SP Convertible

    The Jensen in these pictures is a truly unique car. Built over four years, on a 1972 FF chassis using parts of all five Interceptor models, it was created for the 50th anniversary of Jensen Cars which was celebrated in 1984.

    Mr Wade tells us that when he arrived at the auction where he bought 1 MHY, he had an entirely different vehicle in mind.

    ‘I went to the auction to buy a DB5, and saw this sat next to it,’ he explains. He very nearly bought both! ‘Of course, the DB5 now is worth about half a million…’

    What attracted him was how unique the Jensen was – a true one-off.

    ‘It’s the only one that was ever built, and having taken four years, it was a real labour of love.’

    Drophead conversion

    A drophead conversion

    The chassis chosen for rebuild and conversion was a 1972 FF, a 4-wheel drive grand tourer. The FF boasted a slightly longer chassis than the Interceptor models, which were hand-built between 1966 and 1976 at the Kelvin Way Factory in West Bromwich, Birmingham.

    1 MHY boasts a full race 440 Chrysler engine, a big-block and the largest displacement V-8 engine built by Chrysler.

    Modifications at home

    The Jensen hasn’t been without its modifications since purchase 15 years ago, many of which Mr Wade has done himself. The engine bay has been done out in poly-coated stainless steel, the wings as well, and it has a new bonnet.

    ‘I’ve also had a wood interior created, which you can see in the photos,’ says Mr Wade. ‘The polished stainless-steel work I’ve done myself, but the wood work was done by two friends who are ex-Rolls Royce.’

    This work has been second-nature to Mr Wade, who used to have a business working on stainless steel vessels; he’s kept his hand in, so to speak, doing work on his own vehicles and for other people on their cars. At the moment, his current project is doing up a Rolls-Royce Corniche.

    ‘I’m hoping to be able to take the Jensen to more shows in the future,’ says Mr Wade; he exhibited 1 MHY a few years ago at the NEC classic motor show, where it garnered a lot of attention, including from the Jensen Owners Club, of which he has been a member.

    Having been tucked away for some months, 1 MHY will hopefully be out on the roads again soon. In the meantime, here are some more photos!

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