American Classic Car


With over 55 years’ experience in the specialist insurance industry, our focus is on getting you the cover you need, with all the protection you want. Our specialist American car insurance offers you benefits such as:

  • limited mileage discounts
  • free agreed value
  • optional extra cover such as motor legal and road rescue
  • a panel of specialist insurers to suit
  • flexible multi car insurance with savings of up to 25%
  • 15% club member discount




Free agreed value

We don’t charge you for agreed value on your classic American car – you can have the value of your vehicle agreed and set into your American classic car insurance policy, providing peace of mind that in the event of a total loss claim, you know exactly what you’ll be paid.

Salvage retention

Having salvage retention written into your specialist American car insurance policy means that you can keep the salvage in the event of a total loss, and the salvage value will be deducted from the insurance payment due to you. Salvage retention is subject to certain conditions – if the car is deemed ‘end of life’, you may not be able to buy it back.

European cover

If you like to take your classic to the continent, you’ll be pleased to know Heritage can cover you for up to 90 days of travel in Europe as standard in your American classic car insurance policy, across any number of trips. If you travel a lot, we can often extend this to up to 180 days.


There’s a huge range of classic American cars that are eligible for classic car insurance – it’s not all based on the age of the vehicle; use and mileage count too. We can arrange specialist car insurance for all sorts of American cars, including:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Dodge Charger
  • Ford Capri Mk I
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Plymouth Barracuda
  • Ford Model B


What is agreed value?

Agreed value means that the insurer has agreed a valuation for your vehicle and this is fixed for the policy term. If you had to make a claim on your American classic car insurance policy and you didn’t have agreed value, the insurer would look at the market rate for replacement of your car at the time of the claim for guidance on the pay-out amount. This wouldn’t take into account any unique features or the history of the vehicle, or its value when you first insured it.

Can I get agreed value from the start of my policy?

Yes – if your vehicle has a value under £30,000, we can agree the value with you when you take out your American classic auto insurance policy. If the car is worth over £30,000, we’ll need you to send some photographs prior to agreeing the valuation with your insurer.

Can I insure a car before I buy it?

You can insure a car before you buy it, but you ideally should have at least committed in writing to make the purchase, or paid a deposit. You can set insurance to start from the date you collect or take delivery of the vehicle. If you take out breakdown cover, there is usually a 24-hour exclusion period right at the beginning of cover, during which you cannot make a claim.

Can I get laid up cover?

Yes, we offer cover for laid up vehicles / classics that are SORNed. You can switch your cover from laid-up to road cover once your car is ready to be driven again. Laid up cover can include free agreed value, if the vehicle is complete, and covers your classic for accidental damage, fire and theft. It won’t cover your car for being parked or driven on the road, so it’s important to make sure you switch back to full cover as soon as you intend to take your vehicle out.


If you need breakdown cover, or want to protect against potential legal costs in the event of a claim, we offer a range of helpful options for you to add to your policy if you so wish.

Road rescue

Our road rescue breakdown cover does exactly that – roadside assistance, and vehicle recovery across the UK and Europe. You can get cover for onward travel and overnight accommodation if needed.

Motor legal

Motor legal cover provides up to £100,000 of cover for uninsured loss recovery, plus access to legal support and costs covered for pursuing a third party, or a personal injury claim.

Key protect

If your car keys are stolen, or lost, this covers the cost of having them replaced. And, it can also cover your house keys on the same policy, so the cost of calling out a locksmith is included.