Classic 4×4

What's the difference between classic and modified 4x4 insurance?

Some of our customers ask us what the difference is between cover for their classic 4×4 and a 4×4 which is modified for off road use. As well as our classic 4×4 policy, we have a separate, specially designed modified 4×4 policy which is most suitable for off road and green lane use.

The major difference between them is that on a classic 4×4 policy, the vehicle must fit the insurer’s criteria for a ‘classic’, be a second vehicle and not driven off-road. If your 4×4 is modified for off road use, our modified 4×4 cover will be more suitable and will make sure you are also insured while driving off road and on green lanes.


  • Free agreed value
  • Salvage retention as standard
  • Cover for modifications
  • Full windscreen damage (excludes damage occurring during off road and green lane driving)
  • 90 days’ European driving cover as standard
  • Up to 15% discount for 4×4 club members
  • Optional breakdown cover


What makes a vehicle a ‘classic’ isn’t simply how old it is, although that’s often a big factor. Some newer 4x4s may be considered classics if they’re limited edition, imports or ex-military, for example. The other areas to consider for eligibility for classic vehicle insurance are:

  • Do you cover 5,000 miles or less in it?
  • Are you aged between 25 and 75?
  • Is this a second vehicle for you?

If the answer to all of the above is a ‘yes’, then while vehicle age will be considered by insurers, your 4×4 is likely to fit the classic insurance criteria.


Request a quote from us today for your classic 4×4 and we’ll be in touch to discuss your insurance needs.


As a Heritage customer you can claim a free Skytag GPS tracker unit worth up to £249.00*.

Skytag is a small GPS device that can be fitted easily and discreetly to your vehicle; you can fit it yourself or have it done for you by your trusted local mechanic. Once activated, the device allows Skytag to track your car if it gets stolen, helping you locate the vehicle quickly. Skytag work with local law enforcement to help with vehicle recovery and have an excellent track record.

To claim yours as a Heritage customer, give us a call on 0121 248 9442.

*Skytag tracker unit is free of charge to Heritage customers. Annual Skytag subscription required to activate.



Our customers often want to make sure they’re covered for a few extras over and above their standard classic 4×4 insurance. That’s why we offer a range of additional cover options at great prices.

From road rescue and a hire car to get you out of a breakdown fix, to key protect in case your key gets lost or stolen, these are the little things that make a big difference. You can pick whichever ones suit your needs, or choose our package option, which combines the most popular extra cover types for an even better price.

Road rescue

Our road rescue cover will rescue you and your vehicle if you breakdown or your vehicle can’t be driven. This policy provides UK roadside repair and national recovery, including alternative transport and overnight accommodation if needed. You also get key assist in the event of lost keys or lock failure.

Key protect

If your key gets lost or stolen, key protect cover will cover you for the cost of calling out a locksmith, as well as replacement keys/fobs, and overnight accommodation for a night if needed. It will also provide you with vehicle hire for up to three days and cover onward travel costs.

Personal accident cover

Our personal accident cover provides cover for up to £50,000 for bodily injury or death for you and your spouse, common law or civil partner. The policy covers you whilst either of you are driving your insured vehicle, or whilst you are a passenger in another vehicle.