Laid Up/SORN


SORN/laid up cover protects your pride and joy, even if it’s not on the road. Whether your classic car, campervan or classic motorbike is garaged due to the seasonal changes, or whether you’re in the process of restoring your classic, our laid up/SORN insurance can give you the cover you need, including:

  • Cover for your vehicle for in case of accidental damage, fire and theft
  • Free agreed valuation if the vehicle is complete
  • You can convert your laid up insurance to on the road cover once you’re ready to get driving again


If you’re in need of a free, no-obligation quote for SORN car insurance, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


What is a SORN?

A SORN is a ‘Statutory Off-Road Notification’. You can apply for a SORN if you want to take your vehicle off the road. You should make a SORN if your vehicle isn’t taxed, if your vehicle isn’t insured (even for a short time), or if you’re breaking your vehicle down into parts. You can find out more about a SORN and what you need to make a SORN here.

How do I insure a SORN car?

You can insure a SORN classic car with Heritage laid up car insurance just by giving us a call, whether or not you have currently got your car insured with us. The SORN vehicle needs to be garaged and will have no cover for road use under a SORN car insurance policy, so your cover will be for accidental damage, fire and theft only. If you’re in need of SORN insurance, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

If I declare my car SORN, do I need insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement to have insurance if your car has been declared as SORN, as long as you don’t at any point park it or drive it on the road while it’s SORN, but it is advisable if you’d like to cover your vehicle for accidental damage, fire and theft. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to claim for any damage that your vehicle sustains while laid up.

Can I SORN a car and keep it insured on a normal policy?

Yes, you can SORN your car and still keep it insured on your existing insurance policy. But, for the time that your vehicle is on a SORN, it will only be insured for accidental damage, fire and theft during that period, and you’ll be unable to legally drive or park the car on the road. Once you need your car on the road again and take it off SORN, you’ll need to adjust your insurance accordingly.

What are the SORN insurance rules?

For Heritage SORN car insurance, you’ll need to ensure that your car is garaged throughout the policy. Your laid up and SORN car insurance policy will ensure that your car is covered for accidental damage, fire and theft.

Can I drive my car if it is on a SORN?

Our SORN car insurance covers your vehicle for accidental damage, fire and theft, but not for driving on the road. You can’t legally drive or park your car on the road if a SORN has been applied.