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    GLASS issue green laning guidance for England during COVID-19

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    This information was last updated on 10th June 2020, and guidelines may have changed since. 

    The Green Lane Association has released further guidance specifically for England on how to go green laning safely and in line with government regulations during COVID-19.

    As restrictions ease in many parts of the UK, but at different rates, GLASS has advised its members in England to follow the below guidance. These guidelines do not apply to Wales which is still under restrictions meaning green laning is not permitted yet.


    Advice for green laning during COVID-19

    The broad advice given is to consider individual circumstances before making the decision whether to lane or not. Personal safety, the situation of household members, and the lanes available in the local area should all be taken into consideration.

    Avoiding ‘honeypot’ lanes is also recommended, to ensure that you don’t encounter larger groups of people.

    GLASS warn that the conditions of the lanes is currently unknown given that their reps have not been able to check in the past few months.

    Below are some of the things GLASS recommend that you consider before heading out green laning in England.



    Consider your personal situation and the risk of your household family members, as well as whether your local authority is welcoming recreational users at this moment in time. Aside from this, also consider whether you will need to use any facilities yet, as they’re not open in all areas.



    Travel only with household members in your vehicle, and ensure that there are no more than six people in your group. If you’re travelling in groups, keep them small with a maximum of three vehicles (based on two people per vehicle). Think about your routes, and avoid busy routes with gates or those that pass through farms or other residential areas.


    Stay safe

    Maintain social distancing at all times, and ensure that you’re 2 metres apart from anyone outside your household. Avoid touching any furniture, such as gates etc., but if you can’t avoid them ensure that you use gloves, or use sanitiser and wash your hands. Stick to the routes you know in order to avoid any unexpected problems.



    Check with the local authority if you have any questions, and ensure that your vehicle is in a good state of repair. Checking that your route is legal and avoids residential areas is also necessary.



    Remember that with few facilities currently open, you will need to plan your route around these restrictions. If you see any illegal obstructions, report them to your local authority and your area rep. Don’t abate unless you’re sure it’s safe and legal to do so. Remember that Wales is still under lockdown restrictions, so laning isn’t yet permitted.

    For a handy reference guide, download the GLASS ‘COVID-19 June 2020 Update’ PDF here. You can also visit the Green Lane Association website

    Modified 4×4 insurance through Heritage covers green lane and off road use, but you should be aware that standard breakdown cover will not cover breakdowns that take place on green lanes or off road. Our advice is always to ensure you’re as careful and well protected as you can be. Use of GLASS’s mobile and tablet-friendly TrailWise2 system is recommended to help you route plan.



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