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    Heritage partners with artist Ian Cook of POPBANGCOLOUR


    We’re excited to announce our new partnership with contemporary artist Ian Cook of POPBANGCOLOUR.

    Ian will be working with us to create artwork that Heritage can use across our website, social media and adverts, and most importantly for a brand-new approach to advertising that centres on our customers, their cars and their stories.

    About Ian

    Ian’s signature art style is to create artworks of classic cars using remote control cars, actual car tyres and toy car wheels instead of paintbrushes. During the first 2020 lockdown, he also developed a new style of artwork, which has massively taken off – his continuous cars drawings. Some customers may even remember our competition last year, in which a few lucky customers had their cars drawn by him live on Facebook.

    Ian is also a member of DubClub, our partners in Coventry, so we’ve known him for quite some time. His art style is fun and vibrant, and will give us a fantastic new look to play with for the Heritage brand.

    Our customer stories project…

    Ian will be helping us move into a new stage of advertising; one where we focus on the story behind your classic car. Our customer stories project will be all about sharing those stories, illustrated uniquely by Ian, who will be creating bespoke pieces for the Heritage customers chosen to take part. We’ll share more information about this very soon!

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