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    Is your classic car really a classic?

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    When is a classic car not a classic? What’s more, who even decides this anyway? Let’s face it you could always ask the experts on this matter, but then of course you would have to decide who they are too! Heritage Insurance take a closer look into what defines a car as a classic car.

    It can all get very confusing for the classic car enthusiast. Having read an article recently in the Practical Classics magazine about a certain car club’s application for a stand at the famous NEC Classic Motor Show declined due to and I quote “the majority of the vehicles represented by your club would not currently fulfil the criteria”, Heritage Insurance thought it was high time we gave you our perception of the “what is a classic car?” theory.

    Many of us recognise a classic car as being a vehicle of a certain age with perhaps a degree of reputable history or indeed provenance which to all intents and purposes is true. However even this definition is clearly open to interpretation from the individual. And then of course there is the insurance underwriters who supply criteria from a risk perspective, they will have their own views of what is considered a classic.

    A good example of this would be the Morgan Motor Company who have been hand crafting their cars since 1909. We believe every car that comes out of the workshop is indeed a classic even though they may have just been built.

    Which brings me back to the NEC Classic Car Show last year (2014). Who decided that the Mazda MX-5 can be considered a classic car (deservedly so), but an MG ZT is not, even though the MG marque is steeped in history established 95 years ago? After all MG ZT were the club declined a stand at the NEC although please note that show organisers said this was down to “miscommunication”. It would seem the battle rages on at the expense of the Classic Car enthusiast.

    The word “classic” can have many meanings depending on its context, for example a good definition that portrays the classic car is “a very good example of its kind” as per the Oxford Dictionary no less. At Heritage Classic Car Insurance we feel some of the factors considered are not only about the car but also about the owner and their lifestyle. A classic car club member using his pride and joy on weekends only, with a main car being used to go to work in the week is an ideal example of a classic car owner even if his car is an MG ZT.

    If you’re still not sure if your car is a classic or not why not call Heritage Classic Car Insurance on 0121 248 9229 for a friendly conversation. Our knowledgeable team can help you find out whether your car is eligible for classic car insurance, too.

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