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    2021 Charles Clark Classic Car Rally a huge success

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    This year’s Charles Clark Classic Car Rally was able to storm ahead last Sunday, marking the 11th as a great day for many classic car enthusiasts. The rally, which began at The Goat Inn in Skeyton, led a procession of 78 classics all the way to Creake Abbey in North Creake.

    As stated on the CC Rally website, the drive is designed to be a ‘true celebration of the driving experience and the uniqueness of the Norfolk countryside.’ And this year was no exception – participants were able to enjoy a beautifully sunny journey across Norfolk, with an amazing visit to The Langham Dome Military Museum in Holt.

    The CC Rally participants chatting in the sunshine

    As always, the CC Rally was a highly sociable event. All participants met in the morning, and had the chance to chat with one another over a bacon sandwich and tea before setting off in their classics. Upon their return, those taking part were able to vote for their favourite cars, including awards for: a Morgan Plus 4, which won ‘Most Desirable’; a 1951 Ford V8 Pilot, which won ‘Best Condition’; and a 2015 Jaguar F-type, which was awarded the title of ‘Most Fun’. There was a beautiful range of cars to choose from, too!

    The Charles Clark Rally has been a cause of joy for many car enthusiasts since 1995. It was first founded by Charles Clark, who opened the Rally to anybody who had a passion for classics and driving.

    According to his parents Dorothy and Dennis Clark, Charles loved cars since he was a young boy. He was also especially fond of cooking, and loved showing off his skills at the family pub, The Wiveton Bell.

    Due to an unfortunate boating accident, Charles was sadly lost at sea in May 1998. Both his parents continued the Rally in his name, and in 2001 entrusted the running of the Rally to Richard and Margaret Rushmer. The torch was then passed to one of Charles’ good friends, Brian Monks, who took over in 2008.

    According to their website, Brian still organises the Rally to this day.

    He has alongside him the help of his wife Heather, daughter Sarah and the Cox family, as well as Colin and Belinda Hendry (who devise the route each year), Pat and John Postle, Geoff and Ann Cleal and Margaret and John Allison.

    In recognition of the family behind the much-loved event, Dorothy and Dennis Clark still take part each year and wave off the contestants at the start line.

    This year, the CC Rally raised a huge £1303 for NANSA, a charity based in Norwich supporting those ‘living with or caring for those with disabilities or complex developmental needs.’

    The Rally has an admirable focus on charity work, and each year donates all proceeds to their chosen charity. They’ve supported a great number of causes throughout the years, including Nelson’s Journey, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Quidenham Children’s Hospice, BIG C, Happisburgh Inshore Lifeboat, Air Ambulance, and BUILD.

    The CC Rally is hugely enjoyed by those participants – both regular and new – who take part each year, and we’re delighted that this year’s event certainly lived up to its successful name.

    ‘It was a great day out’, Brian tells us. ‘It was especially wonderful to get out and meet up with friends again and to receive so much support for the cause.’

    To keep up to date with the CC Rally and even take part in their next event, take a look at their website here.

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