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    What is multi car insurance?


    Heritage multi car insurance tackle your frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you better understand what multi car insurance is.

    Multi car insurance is there to help customers bring all their renewal dates into one. Gone are the days when you had to note in your diary that your renewal was due for your car collection. Even if you’re the owner of an Aston Martin Vantage, Volkswagen Golf, Fiat 500 and a Ford Transit Van, we can help to reduce the stress of insurance and save you money at the same time.

    Does it have to be a classic car collection?

    Not at all. Our multi car policy is there to support everyone as long as they have more vehicles in their household than drivers (this includes having a second home, or if the vehicles are kept in storage). So if you happen to have a collection of motorbikes or motor-homes then you could also give us a call.

    How does multi car insurance work?

    When you speak to us we will take the details of all your vehicles that are within the household. This is important as we need to find the most competitive quote and ensure the right policy is provided for your needs. We then take the first vehicle you’re looking to insure and create your policy. The discount is applied immediately and you only need pay for the one vehicle you are insuring with us.

    Thereafter every vehicle that approaches renewal is added to your account when you contact your insurer brining you savings on your insurance whilst bringing all your vehicles into one renewal date.

    What are the features and benefits of multi car insurance?

    There are many benefits for bringing all your vehicles onto Heritage multi car insurance scheme.

    • One renewal date- no more hassle of speaking various insurers over the year trying to get yourself value for money
    • Speak to the same person every time- here at Heritage Multi Car Insurance we value each and every customer. We allocate one person to your account so that you can speak to your own account manager throughout the year. You even get given their direct line to avoid waiting in queues.
    • Agreed Valuations are offered to you on our multi car insurance policy if the criteria matches
    • No claims discount accrued for your daily drive
    • Discounts of up to 15% are given if you’re a classic car club member in addition to your multi car discount
    • You are given the option to retain salvage should the worst happen
    • Brand new replacement car if your vehicle is less than 12 months old
    • Accident recovery helpline 24/7 for all comprehensive car customers
    • Cover for personal belongings in your car
    • We cover you for modifications (we ask that you call us to discuss these first 0121 246 8646)
    • Up to 90 days cover for use in the EU
    • Modified 4x4s can be included in the policy as long as they’re not your daily drive
    • Benefits are passed on to your partner too
    • Cover for wedding car fleets
    • Business use is available
    • We offer a choice of multi car insurance policy options. Laid up cover, agreed value, limited mileage cover.

    Are the benefits passed on to my family too?

    With Heritage multi-car insurance, the benefits are passed on to your partner and family too. All the drivers in the household can benefit simply by adding them*.

    • Named drivers will still receive a No Claims Bonus
    • The more vehicles added, the larger the savings

    *Please note our policies are bespoke so this is subject to terms and conditions.

    Do I qualify for the Heritage multi car insurance scheme?

    In order to qualify for the Heritage multi car insurance scheme you will need to:

    • The policy holder bust be a minimum age of 30 years old
    • There must be more vehicles in the household than drivers (this includes having a second home, or if the vehicles are kept in storage)

    How much does it cost typically?

    Below is an example of our multi car insurance.

    Mr. Smith and his wife are both in their mid 40s with a clean driving licence. Based in Oxfordshire the couple are looking to insure four vehicles. The policy is based on comprehensive cover with business use included for Mr. Smith. The cover includes breakdown assistance, breakdown recovery and a courtesy car as standard.

    Make and model of vehicles in householdValuation of vehicles in householdHow many annual miles will you cover in the vehicle?Where is the vehicle stored overnight?
    BMW R1200£5,0005,000Garaged
    BMW X5£20,0008,000Driveway
    Volkswagen Golf£5,00010,000Driveway
    Ford Fiesta£1,0005,000Driveway

    How do I get a quote?

    If you would like to find out more about multi car insurance or you would like a quote please get in touch with us on 0121 246 8646 or visit our multi car insurance page.

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