Classic Supercar Insurance


We understand how important it is that your vehicle has the insurance cover that works with your lifestyle. With a Heritage policy, you’ll receive a range of different benefits to protect your car from the risks of day-to-day life, including free agreed value, cover for modifications and a free Skytag GPS tracker unit.

Free agreed value

We don’t charge you for agreed value – you can have the value of your vehicle agreed and set into your policy, providing peace of mind that in the event of a total loss claim, you know exactly what you’ll be paid. Please note, agreed value is designed for classic vehicles and if you have a modern specialist vehicle or supercar, this may not be available on your policy.

Salvage retention

Retain the salvage of your vehicle for repair or parts if it gets written off. Having salvage retention written into your specialist car insurance policy means that you can keep the salvage in the event of a total loss, and the salvage value will be deducted from the insurance payment due to you. Salvage retention is subject to certain conditions – if the car is deemed ‘end of life’, you may not be able to buy it back.

European driving cover

Are you planning on driving your classic or performance car in the continent? If so, you’ll be pleased to know Heritage can cover you for up to 90 days of driving in Europe, across any number of trips. This can also be extended to 180 days according to your needs.

Multi car cover

Our flexible multi car cover allows you to put your classic and performance cars on one policy alongside your daily drives and any other vehicles you own. It simplifies your car insurance experience and offers savings of up to 25%, with no limit on the number of vehicles you can include.


  • European breakdown cover and home start
  • Glass cover
  • Replacement locks cover
  • Audio and sat nav equipment cover

Speak to a member of the team about these extra cover options when securing your policy.


Get classic car cover from as little as £73 per year.


We know that when it comes to your modern or classic supercar, you want it to have the cover it needs. Whether it’s out on the road or tucked away safely in the garage, with a Heritage car insurance policy you can tailor your protection to suit you. Choose from our range of additional cover options below.

Heritage motor legal

Protect yourself against legal difficulties you might have due to an incident on the road. You’ll have cover of up to £100,000 for any legal costs involved in claiming against an uninsured driver, as well as injury compensation claims and recovering uninsured losses.

Road rescue

Our road rescue cover will rescue you and your vehicle if you breakdown or your vehicle can’t be driven. This policy provides UK roadside repair and national recovery, including alternative transport and overnight accommodation if needed. You also get key assist in the event of lost keys or lock failure.

Personal accident cover

Our personal accident cover provides cover for up to £50,000 for bodily injury or death for you and your spouse, common law or civil partner. The policy covers you whilst either of you are driving your insured vehicle, or whilst you are a passenger in another vehicle.


What is agreed value?

Agreed value means that the insurer has agreed a valuation for your classic vehicle and this is fixed for the policy term. Without agreed value and in the event of a claim, the insurer would look at the market rate for replacement of your car at the time of the claim for guidance on the pay-out amount. Agreed value protects your investment at a set rate rather than a potentially fluctuating market value – but you can get your agreed value updated mid-term if there is reason to do so. Agreed value is typically only available on classic vehicles, not modern supercars.

Can I get agreed value from the start of my classic car insurance policy?

Absolutely, you can get agreed value from the beginning of your classic car insurance policy. For vehicles worth over £30,000 we will require photographs prior to agreeing the valuation; if you are able to provide these in advance of your policy start date then it is usually possible to have your value set at the outset of cover.

Can I insure a car before I buy it?

You can insure a car before you buy it, but you ideally should have at least committed in writing to make the purchase, or paid a deposit. You can set insurance to start from the date you collect or take delivery of the vehicle.

Can I get laid up/SORN cover?

Yes, we offer cover for laid up vehicles / classics that are SORNed. You can switch your cover from laid up to road cover once your car is ready to be driven again. Laid up cover can include free agreed value, if the vehicle is complete, and covers your classic for accidental damage, fire and theft.