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    Great British Car Journey set to open in May 2021


    The Great British Car Journey – a new motor museum in Derbyshire – is opening its doors on 22nd May this year, after a year’s delay.

    The attraction will feature 130 British-made cars, and promises visitors an interactive tour through British motoring history between 1930-90, and will display the classics at the forefront of the transport revolution.

    Although the site had planned to open its doors last year, the new museum launch was delayed due to last year’s Coronavirus restrictions and the ill health of two founding members.

    The site, which is located just off the A6 in Ambergate, used to be the former Richard Johnson and Nephew Wire Works site. In preparation for the grand opening, the site is currently undergoing an enormous refurbishment, with inside pictures recently being released on the Great British Car Journey website.

    (Image: Great British Car Journey) The idea behind Derby’s new museum came from Richard Usher, motor enthusiast and former Auto Windscreens and Blyton circuit owner.

    So, what’s on?

    The motor museum is a family-friendly attraction, and is set to be the perfect day out for anybody with an interest in cars or British history. There are a huge range of cars on display, too, including the last Metro ever produced, one of only 360 Morris Minor ‘Millions’, and even a 55-year-old Mini with less than 8000 miles on the clock.

    If you’ve checked their website, you might notice that the Great British Car Journey describes itself as ‘a little bit different’ – rather than a static display, it’s an interactive experience. As part of your journey through motoring history, visitors will be handed a special ‘Audio-Visual’ device which will act as a 90-minute guide through the museum. You’ll see picture of the cars, be able to hear a commentary and truly get to grips with the cars on display.

    For those interested in reminiscing motor history on a personal level, the museum is also offering a ‘Drive Dad’s Car’ experience. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of 30 classic British cars – from an Austin Seven to a Cortina – to take for a drive, under the guidance of an expert instructor. There’s also a café and shop on site, so you can stop for a bite or get a token to remember your day.

    What guidelines will be in place?

    As is the case across the UK, there are strict Coronavirus safety guidelines in place for all public places and events. The Great British Car Journey is no different, and will be following a set of rules to ensure the safety of all visitors.

    • Visits will need to be pre-booked, and arrivals will be managed in 15-minute time slots (although if you’re late, they’ll try to accommodate you as best they can!)
    • On arrival, visitors will have their temperature checked.
    • There will be sanitising stations throughout the building.
    • The Audio-Visual devices will give you a warning if you are within two metres of another visitor, to help everybody keep their distance.
    • A grab-and-go policy exists for food and drink served in the café.
    • Face masks should be worn by all staff and visitors.

    For those who want to experience the best of British motoring history, the Great British Car Journey is the perfect way to travel back in time. With an interactive journey that transports us back to the ‘20s and ends on the peak of the millennium, what better way to appreciate the cars that got us where we are today? We’ll definitely be adding it to our list this year!

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